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Sessions and Program Information

The SGA Leadership Conference is offered twice a year (Spring and Fall) by Horizons Consulting with the assistance of the Outdoor Learning Center at Horizons in Harrisonburg VA . During the session, student will be encouraged to come up with innovative ideas to make the Job Corps program more engaging.

Given the continued environment with the COVID -19, the Spring 2021 SGA Leadership Conference has been cancelled in an effort to comply with local, state, and federal guidelines. The safety of our employees and your student leaders is at the forefront of our minds and we wish each center the very best during this unprecedented time in our country.

  • Tuesday March 30th noon - Friday April 2nd noon
  • Tuesday April 6th noon - Friday April 9th noon

In the future, we are looking forward to again connecting face-to-face, stretching our legs, and getting back to growing and learning together in the fall. With that, our Fall 2021 conference dates are listed here. Registration is open and our customer service team is happy to assist.

  • Tuesday October 26th noon - Friday October 29th noon
  • Tuesday November 2nd noon - Friday November 5th noon

The leadership program is specifically designed for student leaders in Job Corps centers. Each session is geared toward providing the tools and techniques necessary for program participants (students and staff) to be successful at creating a positive impact on their Job Corps centers and the students they represent. The program focuses on the following:

  • Building your SGA team and strengthening their dynamics
  • Exploring leadership components in workgroup settings
  • Providing a "Challenge by Choice" approach that sets the level of challenge
  • Experiencing low and high ropes course programs
  • Supporting student leaders in designing action plans for their respective centers
  • Creating a safe and positive environment for learning and networking
  • Transforming student leaders into ambassadors of change (impact OBS, OMS, and other center outcomes)
  • Building presentation skills to deliver a powerful message on center and beyond